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Snake River BASE Fundamentals

March 28, 20140 Comments

This course was awesome. It was my first introduction to BASE jumping so I really don’t have anything to compare it to but I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into the sport or even to someone who is already in the sport and wants more education. I’m a knowledge whore and anytime I get into something I want to soak up as much as I possibly can. I seek out the best in the world and learn from them. I do this in every field I gain interest in.

The course consisted of four days of very high stress – mentally and psychically. We had two days of classroom stuff and two days of jumping. The weather was a little sketchy so our group only completed ten jumps during the course which I think is low but regardless it was amazing. I’m headed back out in June to redo the course and to take the next one which will involve cliff jumps :) As I mentioned before – This is only the beginning. The videos below are the raw footage clips from each of my jumps. Listening to the feedback from Tom is very helpful. He is a true master. Hope you enjoy.

Welcome to BASE

March 19, 20140 Comments

No words right now for last weekend. It’s safe to say that I’m addicted!

Feel The Fear

March 12, 20140 Comments

Tomorrow morning I leave for Idaho for 6 days to begin BASE jumping. BASE jumping is basically parachuting off a fixed object.  For anyone who doesn’t know (I know some of my clients read this blog on occasion) BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth which are the 4 most common objects people jump from. There are many differences than skydiving but the main ones to point out are – you have one parachute instead of two, you jump from fixed objects, and it’s much faster.

The above points are just a few reasons as to why its much more dangerous than skydiving. If a malfunction does occur you have very little time to correct the problem.

I can’t really explain what has brought me to this point. I’ve always been attracted to things that scare me. When I was a kid my friends and I used to hangout on building sites a lot and climb scaffolding and sit on roofs of 6 story buildings and I think that laid the ground work. I remember there was an old abandoned hospital the we used to call ‘The Spooky’ and we pretty much made it our home when we weren’t in school. The building still had wheelchairs in the corridors and old equipment and occasionally we came across homeless people living there. Over the course of 5 years they ended up cleaning the whole thing out and converted it into a nursing home but during that time we would go up on the roof regularly and just hang out.

I think the desire to feel fear and overcome it has been built into me since those early days. I’ve progressed through several extreme sports and this feels like the culmination of it all but is by no means the end.

My first skydive was in 2007, I got my license in 2012 and its all been leading up to this point. I have wanted to BASE jump since I knew it was possible. It’s only been an actual goal since 2012 when I laid out the path and started the journey towards accomplishing it.

There are many things in life that people say they want but until you actually take the time to sit down and map out what it will take to get there and start taking the necessary steps it will just stay a dream.

The course I’m going to be doing is 4 days. The first is all class room stuff. Believe it or not there is a lot of preparation that goes into jumping off a bridge with a parachute. I’ve read 4 or 5 books, watched countless videos, spoken to people with experience, and done 150 skydives in preparation for this weekend. Depending on who you talk to some may even say that I have not done enough preparation.

Over the other 3 days I’ll do approx 15 jumps depending on the weather. I’m scared, excited, confident, scared, nervous, focussed, and scared :)

As always I will have my camera with me to record my journey so stay tuned. I’m not sure if I’ll make time to update until I get back but I’ll probably post on FB at some point during the weekend.


Another one down

March 9, 20140 Comments

Great week. This was my first full week back training. I worked out Mon-thurs @Craic with classes

- Monday
A1)Bench Press
- stayed light – went up to 135
A2)WTD Pullups
up to 20lbs
For Time:
KB Swings

- Tuesday
500m row – 128.4 – long time since I tested this – felt awful after

Team 2k
Rest 10mins
*Negative Split
*Each partner must row at least 500m at a time

- did this with Sara – first one was 7:50 – second was 7:10 I believe

Thrusters 95lbs

Went through this pretty easy.
11+10, 7+7+7
8+7, 5+5+5
UB, 5+2+2

I had the above plan in mind before I started and just cruised through- felt good.

Hang Power Cleans 6-6-6-6-6
- just played around with this and did skill
12min Ladder
2-Power Clean

- Myself and Pete co-coached the 6pm class. We ran heats of the workout and each went in one. I ended up starting late cause I was distracted so only did 10mins @135 – got through the round of 14. Really good workout.

-Friday – rest


Great workout. I love the creativity of this workout. The better you are the more work you get and the worse you feel :)
I was very curious to see how my shoulder would hold up with the volume of Pullups.
I managed to get into the round of 14 and was 2 Pullups off making it into the round of 16.
Score is 142. I def had to push to get to that point so I don’t know if I had it in me to make it. Having said that I know just having a score to beat makes it a little easier vs going in blind.

I did all the squats unbroken and broke all the pull-ups into sets of 5 or less. Shoulder feels so fucking good that I’m a little scared ;)
I’m ready to start pushing it a little more.


Snatch Balance – worked sets of 3 up to 205

Snatch – heavy single – worked up to 225lbs

This coming week I’ve got a few days of training them I’m off to Twin Falls Idaho for almost a week to learn how to BASE Jump.

End of the Week, start of the Opens

March 2, 20140 Comments

I got up to the tunnel earlier this week – so much fun. I’m officially off the net unassisted. That makes no sense to anyone reading this who is not a skydiver – just watch the video :)

First week of the opens at the gym yesterday. The energy in the gym was awesome. We had over 60 people come in and do the workout. It was extremely inspiring to see all the people who signed up to challenge themselves over the coming weeks.

I went in the last heat which was fun. Great workout. My shoulder and foot felt totally fine, I’m just not in fighting shape right now. This was my third CrossFit workout since October so I’m actually very pleased with my score of 266 (5+41). In 2011 I did 6+36.

It feels so refreshing to genuinely have no attachment to the scores this year. I’m doing each workout once regardless of what I think I ‘could’ have done differently. I’m living in a different world this year and it feels great.

This week I got in three workouts – Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I’m hoping to get a few more in this week. I’m crazy sore having not done stuff like this for a while.

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